Marco at the "Neve Room" at Sonic Ranch Recording Studios.

Hi there.

My name is Marco A Ramírez, welcome to my web page.

I was born on November 9, 1963 in Guadalajara Jalisco, México, I’m married to Guadalupe Ramirez and we’re residing in San Elizario Texas.

I’m being around music since 1970, I studied music and gregorian chant at Escuela de Música Sacra de Aguascalientes, classic guitar and cello at Escuela de Música de la Universidad de Guadalajara and bass player (electric bass guitar) since 1982 till 2002.

My professional career in the Recording Industry started in 1985 in differents recording studios in Guadalajara and Mexico city working on post production, editing, recording, mixing and mastering.

Actually I do mastering in my Britannia Road Studio (also a recording studio is being built and almost ready).

My other great passion is the construction of vintage audio equipment (70’s/80’s), specially tubes equipment, I have in my mastering rig at Britannia Road Studio a stereo compressor LA2a and a Neve 1084 eq built and modified for mastering use by myself, also a custom Fairchild 670 mastering grade compressor, my own buid.